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SAMS is South Africa’s leading non-profit organizations that is dedicated to promoting women’s health during midlife and beyond, through the understanding of menopause. SAMS is the dominant resource on all aspects of menopause to both healthcare providers and the public.

Benefits of membership include:

  1. Monthly Electronic Newsletter – Menopause Matters
  2. Quarterly Society E – Journal – Menopause Focus
  3. CME Meetings nationality
  4. Discounted SAMS Congress registration fees
  5. Networking with leaders in the field of Menopause

The annual subscription fee of R 400 is for Ordinary and Associate membership of the South African Menopause Society. There is no charge for Honorary and Retired members. The fee falls due on 1 March of each year and is valid until the end of February the following year.

Five classes of Membership are available including:

Ordinary – Any person who is registered in terms of the following statutes: the Health Professions Act, 1974; the Nursing Act, 1978.

Associate – E.g. pharmaceutical, surgical, and other interested parties.

Honorary – Individuals whom the Society has recognised for their service in this field.

Retired – Any ordinary member, who has retired from practice.

Bank Details:

Account Name: SA Menopause Society (SAMS)

Bank: ABSA     Branch: 630510

Account Number: 4051679856

Account Queries:


P O Box 1927, Country Club, Durban, 4302

Phone: 082 553 8201

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