Menopause Matters

Menopause Matters is a monthly review of matters menopausal that have
recently appeared in the journals. It is produced for the South African Menopause
Society and the summaries concentrate on clinical issues although some
underlying patho-physiology will be included to ensure a scientific basis for the
work. These are not necessarily the views of the South African Menopause
Society but are designed to stimulate debate and interest in the topics reviewed
and discussed in the current literature .

December 2020 Menopause Matters

11 Menopause Matters November 2020

11 MM November 2019

10 October 2019 MM

9 September 2019 MM

8 MM August 2019 Menopause

7 MM July 2019 Menopause

6 MM June 2019 Menopause

5 May 2019 Menopause Matters

4 April 2019 Menopause Matters

3 March 2019 Menopause Matters

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